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    Our teacher at our school is not very good, tbh he does little theory teaching and that contains copying it down from the board. Will i still be able to get a good mark because im quite talented on the practical side of things, i know very little about theory(only know the components of health and skill related fitness)
    What do the edexcel GCSE PE course contain? so will i still manage a c or above?..

    Just buy a revision book, it's not the most difficult subject in the world

    I wouldn't worry. PE theory isn't that hard, however if you want to know what is on the course you could buy a revision guide or simply look at the specification on Edexcel's website. Also on their website you can find past papers and other such resources so you can get a feel for the types of questions you will get asked. Finally for more information and revision videos ect you can check out BBC Bitesize .
    I hope I've helped you and good luck with you exam!
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Updated: March 7, 2012
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