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A4E Faces New Fraud Investigation. Watch

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    As reported in the Guardian.

    It's not as if tax-payers are up in arms about it. They probably don't even know or care. lol.
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    I wonder how many tax payers know who A4E are?

    I know and care, I regard emma harrison as queen of the scroungers. I object to taxpayers money being wasted to prop up those who impress cameron with a nice smile and a heartfelt tale of personal achievement.

    The Daily Mail cares, in the last few weeks they have hit harrison and her company hard about this companies practices, evening mocking her appearance and showing to be frank where she lives. The mail here is at least being consistant in it's dislike for scroungers. It is also comparing david cameron's attacks on the disabled to the nazis ,they had a big picture of adolf alongside him and one columnist asserted that she feels cameron is psychologically flawed because of his son's death and is effect taking it out on disabled people.If there is any truth to this the man needs to go. Or like blair is associated with the iraq war, cameron and the tories will be associated with bullying the sick ,cancer patients and the disabled.The tories shouldn't let their leaders emotional issues ruin their party.

    Don't get me wrong there are people swinging the lead,but I believe there are jucier targets first and as I said I believe in localising benefits to help deal with fraud. I would also means test all disability benefits. We only have limited money with a messed up economy thanks to labour and that should go to those most in need.

    As a true conservative I object to camerons welfare policy completely. It shows me they are not being anywhere near radical enough. I don't understand why we don't localise welfare benefits ,we don't need a department of work and pensions. It could take regional differences into account in terms of living costs as well as making it easier to keep tabs on all claimants and make sure they are telling the truth . I think all claimants should get one visit every six months by a benefits worker from the council .

    Secondly I object the the idea of a 'universal credit' .This government seriously scares me with the idea of a universal wage.Makes me laugh at IDS accusing those who dislike the workfare programme of being socialists.What an earth is the universal credit then you fool?. It won't just be benefit claimants you see who will be affected but many working people. I don't like the idea of such government interference. .

    Here are some principles.

    1 no one is entitled to claim cash benefits and sit at home doing nothing for years.I believe in compulsory training programmes as well as a completely different kind of workfare system which isn't about propping it the finances of ailing private companies such as tesco. Corporate welfare is just as bad as any other kind.
    2 No foreigner should be allowed to come here and use our benefits system and national health system without paying taxes for at least ten years.

    3no one who is working should need to claim government benefits to make ends meet. I would get rid entirely the tax credit system.Instead I would look at cost of living and peoples expectations. If needs be a completely different public attitude to work and expectations must be created. We also should look at rent controles to deal with parasitic by to let landlords and high energy bills. Green taxes should be removed from all bills.

    4 No one should expect the state to be the replacement parent. We need to inject personal responsibility again in both men and women.

    You see it isn't just about a few pleasing policies for the thick british electorate or placating your mates who own corporations. A welfare system should be about supporting the very vunerable and should encourage personal responsibility.
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Updated: March 10, 2012
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