AQA A2 Business Studies help needed!

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    As those who are taking AQA Business Studies will know, the pre-released topic for the summer exam this year is "Takeovers and mergers". The question will make up half of the marks for the paper and thus is important.

    However my BS teacher is awful - he always goes off on a tangent and spends half of the lesson rambling about irrelevant topics. In short, i've basically taught myself the syllabus for each exam so far.

    We spent one lesson on the topic, and did NO case studies, and now i'm worried i wont have anything to speak about in the exam. I'm not stupid at all, in fact i've averaged 85% overall so far, but i'm really paranoid that if I don't get any help I might miss my target grade and not get into university :/

    Wow i'm rambling alot, ANYWAY my question is does anyone know where i can find some good, detailed case study examples of takeovers and mergers (good/bad)? If you've already done some in lesson, where did you find the information?

    Thanks in advance


    Use the Tutor2u link above, they are so helpful by providing relevant research articles on real businesses.
    But find 3 businesses, ideally that have been involved in mergers/ takeovers and research them in a lot of depth so you know them inside out, and these businesses can be used for both sections of the business paper.
    Hope this helps

    Have a look at this if you haven't already. The questions will be based on the bullet points
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