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    So me and my friends had a mexican food night this evening and it was great. I really recommend it as a good way to socialise but not going out and getting wrecked. However falling into a bit of a food coma now.

    We made nachos and cheese, chilli con carne, chicken fajitas and burritos,then we had vanilla cheesecake for dessert, with chilli chocolate to tie in the theme.

    Anyway we got onto talking about mexican food and got into a bit of a debate as to what various foods actually are.

    Whats the difference between burritos, tacos and chimmichangas, it all got a bit confusing

    Burrito is a soft tortilla filled with some kind of meat/bean chilli and often rice

    Chimichanga I believe is along the same lines as a burrito, only baked/fried

    Tacos are normally corn tortilla "shells" in which you fill with a meat mixture, salad,salsa etc.

    You can also get soft tacos too, which is basically the same thing, only on an unbaked corn tortilla, so you'd roll it up yourself like a fajita.

    Mexican is right up there with Indian, French and Italian as my favourite foreign cuisine.

    I love mexican food but my god it plays havoc with my insides. Doesn't stop me though, pain is temporary, tacos are delicious!

    Burritos generally contain meat, beans, and rice in a soft flour tortilla.
    Chimichanga is a burrito but deep fried in the traditional sense.
    Tacos are a different combination of filling than a normal burrito and are in a hard corn shell or a corn torilla (blue corn tortillas are the best!)

    Fajitas are the best though, got an absolutely cracking recipe off a mexican girl I used to work with. Kicks the absolute **** out of any premade/ packet fajitas. Or anything you'd get from so called mexican restaurants like "chicittos"
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Updated: March 15, 2012
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