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I believe my brother has stolen from me, what do I do? Watch

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    Hey guys,

    So.. my brothers going through an odd patch, he has anxiety and OCD and has frankly scared the crap out of me for the past month or two. The stress he causes within my family is ridiculous and recently, ive lost sympathy for him.. this is why.

    He is a frequent liar, and i believe that this is the reason for his anxiety, he doesnt know truth anymore. So anyway, when i felt sorry for him i lent him my notebook laptop that i wasn't using at the time and hes had it for about a month. I retrieved it yesterday after waiting for him to give it back to me. And i checked out the history on the internet, to see if he had downloaded anything as i asked him not to, and i found something a bit more interesting.

    My ipod, that my dad paid over £200 for went missing in January, it just vanished.. and I believed that i lost it, because i wouldnt really have suspected a family member stealing it from me.. And when i checked the history, i found around 20 websites that were visited; 'how to retrieve data from an ipod touch', 'how to reset and ipod touch', 'thank you for downloading data retrieve for the ipod touch' and 'thank you for downloading Itunes....'

    So.. Other than this i have no evidence, but to be honest, i really do believe it was him, he wouldnt have an ipod otherwise. Hes in a huge financial crisis and at the moment my mum is paying his rent and letting my mum and I suffer while hes being the *** that he is, so there is no way he could have got his hands on an ipod any other way. Hes has a history of being a kleptomaniac, and he is a liar, a very big liar. For example.. he tried to convince me yesterday that the password on the laptop i lent him had just 'changed' and he 'didnt know how it happened' but he knew what the password was.. and then he said he may have changed it to stop someone else going on it, but then when i questioned him 'so you did change it' he replied 'no, no i dont know how i did it'..

    So, what do i do? Do i believe what the computer is telling me or do i just brush it off and forgive me brother for being the lazy sponge he is?...
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    Stand on a chair, and look down on him.

    I'd say talk to your parents about this, put on a reasonable tone and explain what you found and why you think your brother may have done these things.
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Updated: March 16, 2012
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