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I like to flirt with my bf's friends... watch

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    I guess hugging a guy in a friendly way isn't so bad.

    (Original post by dyslexic_banana)
    A guy's insecurities? Are you sure you're not using such an idea as a means of justification for flirtatious behaviour, whilst in a relationship
    no after talking to a couple of bfs who (even in a casual relationship) didnt like me flirting i found out that they had had bad experiences with cheating exes etc, so i did tone it down alot for them. ended up dumping 1 but got the other to the point where he didnt mind so much (then dumped him).

    "Doing things behing their backs, because they have imposed so many rules? Are you sure you're not trying to blame unacceptable female behaviour on guys they go out with? Just that, surely women are either going to behave flirtatiously, or they're not? Surely not more so, because their boyfriends are possessive? Or did you mean that they do fairly usual things, such as talking to other guys, but do so behind their boyfriends' backs, because they're so possessive?"

    i mean talking to men and stupid stupid things that even u wouldnt mind your gf doing (joke) but seriously if a girl has to wait till her bfs backs turned to take a drag of weed that isnt rite. i hate it when women r so insecure that they feel they *have* to have a bf or maybe they can change him if they stay... bad train of thought imo.

    "Also: it's not just men who can be possessive, trust me; does it drive you insane that any man could put up with this?"

    if *any* of my mates was under the thumb it would piss me off and most of them are male. men seem better at dumping clingy girls tho b4 it gets to that stage.

    "I'd be happier for her to 'flirt' in this case, as the motives would be different; she wouldn't be doing so for her own direct gratification, and, as such, it arguably wouldn't be flirting at all. Besides: are you considering the act of merely wearing a low top? Is that really flirting, at all, in itself?"

    lol its exactly the same. actualy imo its worse. u go up to the bar in a low top, lean over it and play with your hair or something after making eye contact with the cutest barman. if u flirt with a mate its in a jokey way, if your trying to get served it wont be.

    u may not agree but its hard to change the way u behave around ppl. especially your mates because u r usually so comfortable around them. i never even realised i flirted with ppl until 1 of my mates pointed it out afew years ago. its just natural.

    sorry u find it hard to get a gf btw, its so much easier for girls.

    wow long posts

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I love flirting with my boyfriend's friends. They are funny and get along well with me. I like sitting on their laps and playing with their hair and stuff. My bf doesn't like it, but I do. It's not like I'm sleeping with them. Does my bf hava right to be mad?

    (Original post by Emma beck)
    has allready been sed
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