Law with German Law vs. Law with French Law

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    I've tried to get a response on the german v french debate since I have to decide on one for a-level and can't decide with doing both out of the question. I recently spoke to my Head of Languages and German teacher,who said German is more difficult so more presdigous to have, and can double your salary (hmmmm??? yea i made a face when she said that) and only clever people do it so my class will be good. Also, when it comes to Law, French is a common language so deling with French clients requires no specialist skill whereas a German client requires someone with the rare and special German fluency. That's the message i'm feeling anyway.

    What do you think? Will choosing French over German halt my chances and close dooors german would open?
    Is German more highly looked upon?
    I enjoy French more but apparantly it is a waste to do it instead of German.

    I've been told I am just as good in both predicted A* at GCSE got full UMS A* in unit 1 and 2 modules (reading and listening) in January results.

    Any help appreciated

    I'd actually say its the other way round, French has more international application in the legal world than German. This is because some of the leading international arbitration institutions are based in Paris, Francophone Africa uses French and French is more commonly used in the EU. I also hear on the grapevine that (gross generalisation) French clients are the only type of client that like to use their language over English.

    For the most part it doesn't matter, you are going to be working in English anyway. Do the language you are most interested in and prefer to study.
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Updated: March 18, 2012
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