scared during loud noises

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    Please keep anon cos this is odd and a bit embarassing

    I'm a very 'jumpy' person as in getting startled by sudden scary stuff in films or if someone comes up behind me and makes me jump.

    I'm ok with loud music. I've been to concerts and not had the following problem and I'm also ok with listening to music in head phones.

    I've never liked loud noises (especially if they're sudden or mean I can't hear anything else at all) ever since I was little, this includes; hoovers, fireworks, pneumatic drills and other similar power tools, hand dryers etc etc.

    But I sometimes really hate it and get really creeped out that something going to come and get me when I can't hear them. The below example is what has ever affect me the most.

    At the moment this happens most in the toilets at 6th form when I'm drying my hands using the electric blowers (no towels, which I use in most other toilets, except for toilet paper) and I get creeped out that someone or something is going to jump out at me, and because the dryer is so loud I can't hear anything coming! This is worse if I know someone is in one of the other cubicles, if I don't know who they are because I didn't see them go in. So, unless there's someone else at the sinks or another dryer, I find my self keep turning round to make sure there's noone there, even on occaisions when I know there isn't anyone else in the toilets at all, I do this. But I'm alright when there's other people at a dryer or the sinks, especially if I know them.

    I could perhaps understand it if as a child I'd been in a loud place and someone came up behind me when I couldn't hear them and assaulted me in someway, but nothing like that has ever happened to me. :confused: :confused:

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    I can't say I've ever felt this way. Is it a long-lasting thing, or relatively new?

    Sudden loud noises take me out of my tranquil bubble, hate em, kind of makes me angry.

    Maybe stop watching scary movies and if the problem persists I would see a doctor before you end up a nervous wreck.

    Nothing wrong with being aware of your surroundings but you really should feel safe in your school toilets.

    Sounds a bit like paranoia.
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    I don't really like horror films so rarely watch them anyway.

    Like I said in my OP, I've never liked loud noises, but it's never affected me like it does now in the toilets at 6th form. Say with the hoover or power tools, I try and get away from them and do something in another room to get away from the noise. Although the funny thing is, when I was part of a youth club, we had to do our own cleaning at the building we used. We had one of those crappy henry hoovers that was really quiet and I ended up choosing to do hoovering when I could - as apposed to emptying bins or dusting which I hate!

    It would probably happen in public toilets to, but they have paper towels which I use so I can avoid using the dryers. Although I think there have been occaisions when i've used toilets in a public building and had to use the dryer for whatever reason, but I think there were people I knew around me or the dryer was a bit crappy so not very powerful thus not very loud etc.

    I was just thinking myself that it sounds like paranoia
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    I should probably add that I'm 18 and female

    Plus, when I was about 10, I went on a cruise with my family. If you've ever been on a big boat/ship you'll know how loud the toilets are when they flush.

    I hated the sudden loudness of them, so for that week, i did whatever I needed to do, washed my hands before flushing the toilet, then flushed it as the door was open so I could make a quick escape!

    It's similar to my other experiences, but it was just she shear noise that frightened me, I wasn't scared that during that noise that someone would come into the toilet and harm me in anyway. So that's not paranoia . . .

    (Original post by SubAtomic)
    Sounds a bit like paranoia.

    Don't know what to say really, other than it is definitely psychological.
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