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    Hello people,

    I will likely join strathclyde uni and I would like to know whether it is possible to find a private accommodation (studio?) where you basically dont share anything. I expect to spend about ~400 a month all include, but still wonder if i am dreaming. I would rather be away from downtown to pay a bit less and use transportation. But still I don t know if this solution would be cheaper.

    Besides, how much do you spend for food in a month ?

    that would be precious information


    Studio, eh..? For Unite accommodation studios nothing less than 140 pw..
    Only if you rent a bargain 1 bedroom flat. But then you will have to add bills on top of your 400 pounds rent..
    But then again I've only been to Glasgow as a tourist, there may be things I don't know..
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    Thank you for answering... Unite seems something expensive in the downtown right ? I mean Unite is not a private landlord but more like a company ?

    Is it okay to live with 1000 pound per month and having some money aside for fun + food ? I really don't know how much costs life over there (how much is electricity for one month ?)...

    Thank you

    Unite is one of the biggest companies in the UK offering student accommodation..
    I would calculate 500 pounds per month for your type of accommodation. About the specific bill averages, you'd have to ask a Glaswegian.
    Sharing a kitchen is not that bad after all, it will help you socialize..
    1K per month? LoL(not league of legends :P), you really don't have to worry..You can have a decent life with that.
    Just try to find the right accommodation..
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    well, im glad i made u laught with 1k
    I guess I should t worry that much, thank you for helping me though

    You should be alright at £1k per month. Although I'm not entirely sure how much one bed accommodation costs. Can I ask why you don't want to live with other people?

    I lived in university halls during my first year, and it was great! The social side of living with other people is great, especially if you're new to Glasgow and don't know many people here.

    This is a studio flat, literally on the door of the uni, £445 a month.
    You could possibly get cheaper if you moved further away from the uni.
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