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See how desperate I am in English, :rolleyes: *looks upwards at Subject"...
I'm in a tight spot in English courseworks (a broom closet in fact) and I'm in a wee bit desperate to get help...HELP ME!!!!!!!
Anyway, I'll just fire out the questions,

1) For Shakespeare (Othello and his change of character) what is meant by:
"fatal flaw"
"shows sophisticated appreciation of relevant LITERARY TRADITIONS in drama texts" - What traditions?
"shows ..., historical and cultural contex of text" - What was their history and blah blah blah?
"shows ... ...character, theme, language and dramatic impact" - ??
"willingness to question assumptions about texts" - ditto
"social, moral, or philosophical contex and significance"
"defining achievements of play within dramatic form" - acting?

2) Different culture and traditions (To Kill a Mockingbird):
"writer's purpose and use of genre and achievments within genre" - genre?
"exploitation of language to convey depth of meaning and uses linguistic devices to create complex effects" - :confused:

3) Pre-1914 Prose unit (Pride and Prejudice - Character of Mr Darcy?):
"literary traditions and its importance and sophisticated appreciation" - What's literary tradition and what connection was it at that time? How do you appreciate?
How do you reflect in its times?
"insight into issues raised by texts and their impact on readers?
"plot, language and character"?

I hope you understood what I typed (I didn't!!).
Anyway, Cheers
A big kiss-on-the-cheek to everyone who helps! *God I'm bribing :eek: !! What is the world coming to?!
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