AS Modern (20th Century) History Revision May exams?!

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    Most difficult subject to find revision on or revise.

    On may 15th 2012, I have 6HI01D HISTORY 1 AS exam.
    On may 22nd 2012, I have 6HI02D HISTORY 2 AS exam.

    These two exams are each 50% of my AS, making them total Half my full A level.

    No coursework, no nothing.

    Anyone else take this History A level and know where i can find revision?!

    Unit 1 (done throughout the year separate teacher) = US history

    Unit 2 (done throughout the year separate teacher) = Britain & India

    Thanks again!

    I don't know how much this will help you because I didn't sit these subjects when I did my A-Levels, but this more general revision help so hopefully you'll find it useful!
    You don't need to be searching specifically for AS revision, when I was doing my history A Level my topics were Nazi Germany and Communism in Russia and I just used standard history books as opposed to A level specific ones. As long as you are looking at subjects which you have been taught and not wandering off into areas that aren't included on your course it can actually be more helpful than an AS text book. Try using google books it's easy to use and you get access to thousands of books, it's been the most helpful thing for me in my degree! Or try googling key words from your topics to find webpages which offer information on your topics.

    Hope this helps! If you struggle to find anything give me an example of a specific date or topic from one of your modules and I'll try to show you how to find stuff
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Updated: April 6, 2012
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