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    Hey everyone, I'm currently 16 years old and 17 in may. Ive been on a BTEC level 2 in IT course since September 2011, and I know it is equivalent to 4 GCSE's at A-C and I'm getting Distinctions and Merit's, and almost finished all of the required coursework. I think there is about 2 or 3 left, but yes more or less it is finished.

    I'm also retaking Maths - (Higher) and English - (Foundation) since I got D in both last year. I'm taking Maths at higher level because I need a B and am revising the stuff needed and it's becoming clearer and clearer, I hope I can get a B if not then a C is great also.

    I'm also retaking English, but the foundation which absolutely sucks because it's easier to get at least a C in the Higher paper, I know I can get a B, but In this college my teacher for the lesson does not know me well personally so they judge me on the grade, the grade that I got.

    Iv'e applied for Level 3 In IT as well as A-Levels to many sixth forms and colleges, but I think for me to gain entry I will for sure need a C at least in both. How can I achieve this in the most efficient way, and can do you think I can get on? There isn't many months left to the exams, and end of final term year.

    The A-Levels I want to take are:

    Music Tech or Business
    Film Studies
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Updated: March 31, 2012
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