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    Hi everyone

    I know there is an upcoming campus tour on Wednesday 4th April and am hoping to travel up to Lancaster for this. But... I didn't book a place for it in enough time and now there are no spaces left! I realise I should have been more organised; this is totally my own fault.

    I really need to see Lancaster this Wednesday though, as I can't make the next campus tour and don't want to just wander round aimlessly on my own (I'm an applicant with a conditional offer and may decide to put Lancaster as my first choice, so it's really important to me that I see it properly again).

    I was just wondering, do you think I might be able to just tag along unofficially behind the group of registered people? If so, where do the groups usually meet for campus tours?

    Thanks very much for your help

    I'm sure if you turned up, they wouldn't send you away! I think you should go.

    When I went there for the open day (4th April funnily enough, cause I missed the ucas open day lol), we met up outside the library. When you get off the bus, go through university house - which leads you onto Alexandra Square, and the library should be opposite. Their should be signs to help you.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for your reply!

    I think I will give it a go, and like you said it would be pretty mean if they just sent me away haha.

    The only thing is, I actually emailed the organiser (I probably should have just left it to be honest) to check if I could still walk round with the tour on the 4th April, and all they put in the reply email were the details of the next tour in May I don't really know how to interpret that as an answer but anyway I'll just try to sneak along at the back and hopefully they won't take too much notice of me.

    I agree, try turning up I'm sure they won't mind! being a graduate from lancaster if you have any questions be sure to message me! Lancaster is great

    A few of my friends worked as tour guides throughout their degrees. I honestly don't think they would have objected to someone extra tagging along - and I am sure there would have been some days when they wouldn't have noticed at all.
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