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Premier League Run In

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1. Man Utd
2. Man City
3. Spurs
4. Arsenal
5. Chelsea

17. Aston Villa
18. QPR
19. Blackburn
20. Wolves
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It was interesting to see Man City translate their money into a high place in the Premier League but I think Man United will finish first, pipping City to the post. Followed by Arsenal in third, Chelsea and Tottenham taking fourth and fifth.

May I add how much I hate Dalglish's Liverpool at the moment. Anyone else share my impression?
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1. United
2. City
3. Spurs
4. Arsenal
5. Chelsea
6. Newcastle
10. Liverpool
16. Bolton
17. Blackburn
18. Wigan
19. QPR
20. Wolves
Blackburn will survive, you'll see...
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1. City
2. United
3. Arsenal
4. Spurs
5. Newcastle!
6. Chelsea
7. Sunderland

18. Blackburn
19. Wigan
20. Wolves
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Hi guys, who do you think will be relegated from the EPL?

18 - Aston Villa - To 'big' to go down? nah not at all, i can really see them going down, they have a hard run in and no really quality in the squad since bent got injured, and as for Alex Mcleish, my mate said the other day and i quote 'i can really see Alex Mcleish managing MUFC and being more successful than fergie!' is he dumb?

19 - QPR - Mark Hughes? Who??? The most overated manager to grace the EPL for years, how he got the City job is beyond me, seeing how much cash he was given in January he should be finishing mid table at best, but there lack of disipline will cost them - and once again Joey Barton will be relegated mahahaha!

20- Wolves - Why sack Mick without a replacment to come in straight away? terrible managing by the board, will cost them big time and dont see them coming back in any rush.

I personally feel Wigan will escape, they always do dont they! And someone please give Martinez a descent job, he has the potential to manage a top half team - i heard talk of CFC enquiring about him? true? nah probably not but hey would be amazing for him!
Original post by Welsh Leprecaun
Haven't checked many upcoming fixtures, but going on the current table and form I'm plumping for:

1. Manchester United
2. Manchester City
3. Chelsea
4. Arsenal__________
5. Tottenham Hotspur
6. Newcastle United
7. Sunderland
8. Everton
9. Swansea City
10. Fulham
11. Liverpool
12. Stoke City
13. Nowich City
14. West Brom
15. Blackburn Rovers
16. Aston Villa
17. Bolton Wanderers
18. Queens Park Rangers
19. Wigan Athletic
20. Wolverhampton Wanderers

I'm going to bookmark this to see how close I came :biggrin:

I got Villa and Wolves right :woo::woo: I should be a pundit or something....
Original post by amars94
Predictions for relegation, Europe or title?

oh man, such a shame LiVARpool will with the season, shoulda been Man City if we didnt drop points
How this forum isn't more popular given there's a lack of alternatives.

I'm socked to watch Arsenal blow their chances to win the league this season their one and only chance in 20 years.

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