Applicant Visit Day worries

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    So I've got an applicant visit day at Edge Hill on Wednesday, and frankly I'm quite worried. I'm not the kind of person who can just go up to people and ask loads of questions in fear I'm annoying them, for instance. So I've got a few questions:

    1) Generally in applicant visit days, are there more tours, talks, etc as opposed to free time where you can walk around and ask questions?

    2) What would I need to bring? For instance, do I need a pen and paper?

    3) I took a year off and while I've been trying to keep up with revision (Media, Music and Sound), I'm still quite rusty. Would I be asked questions about this topic that I'd need to answer? I fear that I'm going to get asked a question in front of everyone and I won't be able to answer because I can't remember it.

    The open days usually have a set timetable of like a general lecture, more specialised for your course and then you can ask questions at the end but you're by no means expected to.

    I was worried about it but I found if you go on your own it's much easier and the people on your course/the lecturers are friendly and happy to help. Don't forget they want you to go

    Take a small shoulder bag with just a pen and paper they usually give you a few prospectus's on the tour and usually a free pen woooo


    1) It depends on where you go; some will have lots of talks, others will just let you wander round. Normally, I don't like asking questions either because, as you say, I worry that I'm annoying them. With something as important as this, though, just be as annoying as you can because it's your future and you need to know if you'll be happy there.

    2) Pen and paper is a very good idea; you can jot down any observations and the answers to you questions. What I did was make a list of questions that I wanted answers to before I actually visited my universities so that I was prepared.

    3) Unless you're going for an interview, that's unlikely; these visit days are usually more for you to find out about you than the other way around.
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    Thank you both for your answers

    I don't like annoying them, but as mrshinyshoes says, they should be nice. And Plumstone has a point - it's my future, after all. I've already accepted the unconditional at Edge Hill too, so that one worry off. Gonna take a bag and put a pen and paper in there, as well as a few other things like snacks and water and stuff. I'm glad especially about the last bit - I know general stuff, but I felt like I'll be behind because many others there are currently doing the course.
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Updated: April 2, 2012
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