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    I am really hoping to study French and Japanese as a joint honours. I have applied to study this joint honours at Oxford Brookes University. Is anybody studying this course there? What's it like? Is it good? How's your language learning going? I've asked this question once before, and the people who replied said that doing french and japanese at O.B is a little chaotic, due to the french year abroad being in year 2- something I would not do, instead going abroad to Japan in year 3. They said they didn't learn much in french because it was so rushed. Was this the case for you?
    Thank you

    My friend does French & Japanese, and so I asked her about what you were enquiring and she replied:

    i'm enjoying the course and my modules this year. i do agree with other people that the french course is heavily focused on the year abroad in the first year. e.g. interview role plays, cv writing etc. the culture and society module (taught in french) in the second semester is basically a preparation for the ethnography work students have to do during the year abroad. however i do think this stuff is useful/interesting to learn. the lecturers only use english if people are really stuck, so that's good too. the language learning doesn't feel harder than A levels, because the grammar is pretty much the same. as for japanese, the language learning is going well but if you have already studied before you might find reading and writing class a bit boring as they don't split classes. the workload for japanese is much more than french.

    I'll PM you her e-mail address for if you have any more questions for her! x.
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Updated: April 8, 2012
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