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    I have an Interview the week after next in DMU and they asked me to bring some documents so that they can process my CRB check which is needed for the Nursing course that I am going to the interview for. Thing is, out of the documents they asked for I can only provide the group 2 (things like payslips, bank statement etc.) but not the group 1 which are generally what people use for proof of identification (Passports, driving liscence etc)

    What im wondering about is that do I have to be CRB checked again as 2 years ago I had to be checked as I was accepted for a tuck shop job during 6th form and it was needed. So yeah, was wondering if anyone can shed some light about this matter and how CRB checks during Uni interviews work.. so yeah..

    thanks in advance

    Surely, your passport could be one? Im not entirely sure thou

    Ive had several crb checks over the years as every organisation needs their own one so unfortunately you will need a new one when you start uni.
    With regards to the documents, do you not have a driving licence or passport you could use? And your national insurance number card should work as evidence towards your name. Normally universities wont actually put in for your crb until you have confirmed an unconditional offer but they ask for the documents now as its a convienient time to look at them. Maybe try phoning the uni and asking their advice as I'm sure they have dealt with plenty of other people in your situation and so will have a way of getting round it.
    Good luck with the interview x
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    I was in the middle of applying for my Provisional Licence this month which was when I realised that my passport is expired last september.. I never actually use my passport for anything until now. So passport and licence is a no no..

    And as for the NI number, When I applied for one, they only gave me my number? SE***** so and so.. I have the slip that they wrote it on but not sure if that would be valid. But yeah..

    Im just stressing out because they only let me know about my interview last week monday.. so yeah. aaarrrgh!

    ring them up and ask, definitely. You might be able to take your expired passport anyway... when I went to my job interview I needed to take my passport for ID and they said it didnt matter about it being expired. May be the case here... either way, don't panic too much, you can always apply for new passport and then show them at another time.
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Updated: April 5, 2012
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