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Feeling a bit down about friendships Watch

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    I'm in my last year of uni and lately I've been thinking about my friendships from high school and feeling down about the fact I kept in touch with friends who don't actually help me in terms of elevating myself to a higher level. I went to a private school and half of my friend group at the time were the 'elite' type of people, some of them went onto Oxbridge and generally are from wealthy backgrounds. The other half of the group were from less wealthy backgrounds and less into cultural stuff like art etc. Despite us all keeping in touch more or less after a year of uni, relationships fizzled out naturally.

    The general fact that they fizzled out does not concern me, the thing I'm feeling just a bit down about is that I have stayed good friends with the 'simpler' friends rather than the other group, and although they are great people and I am able to have jokes with them, they do not stimulate my mind in any way, and I sometimes regret not making more effort with other people from high school who seem to have 'brighter' futures. At uni I only have very few friends because I lived at home, and because of the layout of the uni it's not that easy to get to know people anyway, which I guess is why I'm thinking about this. Usually people meet like-minded, intellectually stimulating people at uni right, but now that I'm about to graduate I have no idea where I'll find new friends who can accomodate such needs especially as when people get older friendship bonds are always weaker...

    Anyone got any thoughts or advice, much appreciated!

    Well, not much you can really do now that you've more or less broken off with the first group.. perhaps contact one or two of them? Can't really chide you on something that happened ages ago, so just get back in touch, ride the wave, see what happens.

    Having said that, people are people whether the future's "bright" or not. Having an elitist attitude towards friendships won't get you that far in life.
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Updated: April 4, 2012
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