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3. Voting in parliamentary/presidential elections should be compulsory

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    I promise this is the last one!

    Okay, so I actually agree with this notion because;

    - People alwyas complain about how the government is 'out of touch' and doesn't represent the nation. If everyone HAD to vote then we would get a truly rperesentative government.

    - I know people consider not voting as a right but common! If you ask most people why they didn't vote they're not going to reply, "I was practising my right not to vote", they're probably going to say "I couldn't be bothered" or "Was it today?"

    Over to you TSR

    People would just end up voting for the top name on the ballot, or spoiling it on purpose.

    I agree.

    However there would have to be an abstain option.

    Abstaining sends out more of a message than not bothering.

    There should be an option saying

    None of the above.

    Meaning you don't abstain; you just don't like any of the lying and corrupt leaders.

    That way they can't make up fake statistics saying 80% of the country agrees with me by voting for me etc and then go onto make bad policies that nearly everyone hates.

    (Original post by bambi_eyes)
    Why would you want people with no interest and probably little or no knowledge of politics and the consquences of voting for a certain party to vote?

    "Any two idiots can outvote a genius".

    I do agree with an abstain option though if this was enforced.
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Updated: April 5, 2012
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