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    Im 16 and a virgin but most of the time people have reasons for being one i.e religion, waiting for the right person, not attractive etc but for me its different. For the last year I think to myself "when will i lose it" to the point where it annoys me. Its not like Ive never kissed a girl, In fact ive got with quite a lot. But what really annoys me is that:

    - I know a fair amount of girls and can easily get along with them
    - Without trying to sound like a big headed **** a lot of girls and even one of the chefs at work say im "fit" "handsome" "good-looking"
    - I socialise often

    Furthermore, Im 6"2, olive skin, black hair people say I look like zayn out of one direction hahaha. There just some of the reasons why its annoys me, I think ive been ready to lose it for the last year now. I started going clubbing a few weeks back and I can also get girls numbers with relative ease, dance with them, I suppose I should take it a step further. Personally however Ive also wanted to get into a relationship but the girls I like either have boyfriends or are seeing somebody!

    Right enough of me blabbering on bottom line is im a virgin and Im not proud of it!

    Dont worry about being a virgin. In this modern day a lot of people care about it and its really important to alot of people. Its not important, it doesnt matter and its nothing I even care about. I would rather know a guy thats a virgin rather than someone whos slept around with loads of different girls. It doesnt matter whatsoever if your a virgin. Your 16, your not even grown up yet.

    Slow down, worry about bigger life issues.

    It actually doesn't matter in the slightest Whether you lose it or not, the earth will keep spinning, the sun will keep rising.

    Losing it isn't some big, important, epiphany of a moment - It is what it is

    Wow, 16 and still a virgin, how unusual!!

    Stop being so keen and it'll happen to you when the time's right. You might want to get with girls who are a little older, as they'll be more likely to be ready.

    Dudeee, your only 16!!

    Most of the guys who are 16 are virgins too. You gotta remember, there's no rush!

    Mate, lose that V-badge pronto. Girls can smell a virgin from 500 metres away and thats a fact.

    Nah, chill man it'll happen. Eventually.
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Updated: April 5, 2012
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