quit smoking & how much damage done to my body - very very light smoker (1 a week)

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    this morning I had my last cigarette. I have been smoking one cigarette a week for a little while but recently the cravings have been getting worse and I've been tempted to smoke during the week - so I quit, binned the five remaining cigarettes this morning.

    I want to know how much damage my smoking will have done to my body, I smoked four cigarettes in october and then stopped completely until three weeks ago. we are talking about 7 cigarettes here. how much damage would that have done to my body? I'm guessing not much. what do you reckon would have happened to my body if I kept it up?

    I managed to stay away from smoking for five months with relatively no problems, but I found that I suddenly got huge urges to smoke at random times - I sometimes struggled not to buy cigarettes. this huge urge to smoke on an irregular basis drove me to buy a pack of ten mayfair three weeks ago.

    my body is shouting for a cigarette just now,but this feeling usually goes away about a day after my last cigarette.

    this is all very stupid I know :/

    If you've had 7 cigarettes in your life, probably not much. All your elevated risks will be gone after a few years off the [s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s][s]innocent[/s].
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Updated: April 7, 2012
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