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I'm considering taking fasttrack A-Level Ancient History, and I'm wondering what it's like. From what I've seen, it's similar to Classical Civilizations but doesn't focus so much on literature?

What I'd like to know is:

  • What's the course like in general?
  • Is it essay based?
  • About how many books/textbooks would I have to buy? (I'd be taking the course through distance learning. The course is expensive enough already, and I'm trying to avoid asking my parents to pay for an additional 30+ books )
  • On a scale of 1-10, how difficult is it and how hard would it be to get an A grade?
  • Does it focus more on actual the history, or is it mostly about the works of Homer, Plato, etc?
  • How easy would it be to study on my own? (Hypothetically, just in case my tutor is absolutely no help)

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I take both Ancient History and Classical civilisation, and they are rather different. Ancient History focuses on events, and so relies on the evaluation of sources to assess the situation and get a clear understanding of the event, or at least the reliability of the source itself. Classical civilisation is the study of literature, from Ancient Greece exclusively on my course. The study doesn't deviate from the literature to real events, or assess the texts as sources, it is merely the study of linguistic techniques within the texts.
In reply to your other questions:
There is essay-style homework, and the exams are indeed essay questions.
On my course, I didn't have to buy any books whatsoever, I was given a compendium of sources compiled by my lecturer, and relevant handouts are given throughout the course. Though this depends entirely on your college/sixth form.
I'd say it's not too difficult a course, if you are interested in history. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. You have to put effort in to get the A grade. It is focused on history itself, and uses works like that merely as sources as reinforcement, i.e "*blank* happened, this is mentioned by Plato and Thucydides"
It would be rather easy I think, the work is based on accounts and sources, all of which can be found (for AS at least, though I'm sure A2 is lurking around there somewhere) here:

Hope this helps, and if you end up deciding to take it, enjoy!
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AAAH. I'm just finishing my ancient History course and I cannot tell you how difficult and boring the course is if you have not researched fully and if you're not interested in the topics. Ruling Roman Britain is actually the worst thing I have ever done!!!! ITS ACTUALLY HELL. PLEASE RESEARCH YOUR A-levels guys

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