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    Just looking for some advice on good resources available to help with some simple search engine optimisation for a website. I'm a bit rusty on this sort of thing, know the basics, but am trying to put together something for work on what they need to do to get their website up to scratch, getting it listed well on google. Anyone know a good way to get started?

    Apart from the use of Meta tags and keywords here are a few I use for sites.

    Make social media profiles that link to the site, have a Twitter, Facebook page, YouTube channel. This will help in the rankings as these sites often appear in the top of searches.

    If its a blog keep it updated regularly, if a normal website then still keep it fresh.

    Get a community going around what you do on the site.

    These work pretty effectively for things I've done in the past, getting 2nd and 3rd rankings at times.

    As well as all the regular SEO stuff, a good thing to do is get a good score on google pagespeed, google prioritises sites that are well optimised and that test can show you what you need to do. Not sure how/if it affects bing/yahoo etc.

    (Original post by davidbain)
    Apart from the use of Meta tags and keywords
    Google ignores meta tags and keywords for the purposes of Pagerank.

    To help keep your costs down but still take advantage of search engine traffic, here's four easy tips you can apply today to help improve your website ranking.

    1. Update Your Website

    2. Optimize Your Website

    3. Have A Well Built Website

    4. Build Some Links
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Updated: April 19, 2012
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