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    For the doctors out there!

    Last week i bent down to pick up my shoes- and suddenly had a spasm/ or sudden pain in my lower back. I 've never had back problems in the past. However since then , i've had this stiff type of pain in my lower back. Pain is in my right buttock also, and causes pain when walking. When walking - the back pain goes away, but buttock/ top of buttock pain remains.

    Then when i sit down / lie down then get up- my lower back is stiff and sore.

    Is it sciatica?. or what are your suggestions!

    I want to know what it is exactly as well. I've experienced it on and off for the past 2 years. The first time I couldn't go out for a week, as with every movement I experienced excruciating pain.

    It happened again this year, and when I went to the my GP, she just classed it as common lower back pain, which is a bit annoying as its not a specific condition that I can treat.

    In addition to this; my problems were triggered by a giant purple bruise on my lower back, which is where the pain started - their is still a mark left over, and I'm not exactly sure why?

    Another thing is that, last time it was only on 1 part of my back, but earlier this year the pain's "concentration point" kept switching from different sections of my lower back.
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Updated: April 6, 2012
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