Should I resit some GCSEs?

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    I'm currently thinking about going into actuarial science or something similar and I've looked at some of the big firms, and they are all asking for BB in maths and english for GCSE, However I only have a B and a C In maths and English respectively. I've got A levels in Maths Chemistry Economics A2 and Further maths and biology AS, A*A*Aaa respectively.

    Any advice? Thanks.

    you only really need to redo English. I think an A* in A level maths trumps a B at GCSE.

    why did they let you do Further Maths with a C at GCSE ? Were they insane? or did you self teach?

    I got asked for a 2 at my SG maths and got a 3 and I still got unconditional offers to all the unis I applied for. They'll probably only look at your A-levels in my experience Good luck!
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    (Original post by JordanS94)
    why did they let you do Further Maths with a C at GCSE ? Were they insane? or did you self teach?
    I got a B in Maths GCSE; they didn't let me take it in my first year of a levels, therefore I took it in my A2 year were they allowed me (due to an A at AS year). I ended up with an A* at Maths A Level and A in AS Further maths.

    I'm talking specifically about finance jobs, they seem to have GCSE requirements, and I don't meet the English requirement, thought not all have the GCSE requirement, so just look for some advice.

    is there a reason behind your C grade at GCSE english? If so you could mention this by contacting them and see if they would still consider you. It shouldn't be a problem in some cases.

    B in maths is fine and no need to resit it. Besides, even if the company was looking for an A in maths GCSE, you would probably get away with the weakest mitigating circumstances given you got an A* at A-Level!

    C in English is more problematic, but I don't think retaking is going to help at all. This is because companies usually only count your first take. First take just means sitting it in the time-scale you are meant to, not how many times you did retakes within that period. I would still contact HR for each company you are interested in and ask. I'm not sure what further English qualifications are out there, but there must be diplomas et al that you can do in your spare time which would trump GCSE. Shows massive commitment to self-improvement too.

    Best of luck
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Updated: April 22, 2012
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