Uni of Cumbria Primary PGCE Waiting List

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    Hi Everyone,

    Newbie member here!

    I have been offered a place on the waiting list for the Primary PGCE for the course in Lancaster. I have been told that I'm at place number 4 on the waiting list.

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of being on a waiting list and what you think my chances of a place in September are (bearing my position in the list in mind)??

    Unfortunately, I am currently in a career where I would need to give my employer 3 months notice if I am to commence the course in September so wouldnt mind a few opinions/thoughts to weigh up my chances please!

    Thank you


    I was on a waiting list last year (number 1) for a pgce history course. I didn't get a place last year through the reserve list but I did get a place this year!

    I'm sure being on a list helps your chances the year after but I wouldn't give up hope yet. I've heard the in primary teaching there is often people who drop off the course at the start as they realise it isn't for them.

    Fingers crossed for you that you get a place this September, but if not your chances for next year are looking good!
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    Thank you.

    Ideally if I got a place this Sept then that would be fantastic. I do take some comfort from what you say that it makes my chances better for next year if I dont get on this September though.

    I am just trying to assess my chances for this September against my place on the list as it will be a calculated risk one way or the other.

    By the way, many congratulations for getting a place on your PGCE History course - that assures me that it can happen !

    I would be suprise if some people didn't drop off the course but I wouldn't want to say its a certainty.... With secondary courses it tends to be the case that people hold onto them as there is only limited places to begin with, but with primary ive heard that a few people do tend to leave the course.

    I'd email/ring the course administrators in August to ask as its usually the second week of August when the unis find out who has met their conditions or not (I'm sure a few people won't manage one of their conditions!) so that's when to contact them! But it does put you in a great position for next application cycle if not this one.
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Updated: April 9, 2012
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