Should I move to Maths Studies...?

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    Hey all. I've just got my predicted grades for my Maths SL and honestly they aren't that good ._. I'm probably going to get a 4 or a 5. I'm not trying to sound too pessimistic here but I do not believe that I have a chance at getting a 7 in Maths SL.

    However, If I move to Maths Studies, I might be able to get a better chance at a 7 and...wouldn't it be better to get a 7 in Maths Studies than a 5 in Maths SL?

    After IB I'd like to get into something that involves Psychology...I'm thinking about Clinical Psychology, Community Psychology, Health Psychology, Positive Psychology and Social Psychology.

    So yeah...with Psychology in my mind should I move to Maths Studies and possibly get a 7, or stay in Maths SL and get a 6 at most?

    My subjects:

    Biology HL
    Maths SL
    English Lit and Lang HL
    Spanish AB Initio SL
    Chemistry SL

    Yeah there's no Psychology offered in my school, I know.

    I moved from standard to studies for that exact reason! The most important thing to do is research the uni courses you want to apply to and see whether their admissions departments have any maths requirements. Some might specify at least maths SL, but if they don't then definitely move to studies because it'll boost your overall points score. Also in my experience universities don't tend to know the difference between standard and studies so it doesn't really matter, unless they have specifically told you it does!

    Maths Studies is awfully pleb but tbh, if it saves you getting a 4 or 5 i would do it...

    Depends on where you wish to study. I know that in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, pretty much the majority of Europe apart from the UK require at least math sl for any social science. So if you're planning on the UK I know some friends who are currently studying psychology at Uni in the United Kingdom who took maths studies, so no worries there

    Hope that helped

    You have to be aware of the consequences of moving the Maths Studies.

    80% of the university subjects, ranging from sciences to accounting, require you to have SL Maths with a minimum score of 4. With Maths Studies, they will in fact completely disregard it.

    Seeing that you may be wanting to pursue in a scientific field (based on your Biology and Chemistry options), maths is really valued upon and it'd be a mistake to change to Studies in an attempt to increase in overall grades, as like I said, universities completely disregard Maths Studies.

    So unless you are certain the career or study you wish to pursue in does not require maths -- for instance, journalism -- then it'd be an ideal option to go for Maths Studies to boost up your overall grade.

    Whatever is your choice, good luck

    Do schools have the power to chose for you though? or can you do it as your own personal preference? I do not want a career in art or languages I am stuck, freaking out.
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Updated: April 24, 2012
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