Help on self-teaching Mandarin?

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    I want to start self-teaching myself Mandarin starting from basics, possibly up-to GCSE level?

    I want to do this for my own sake, not as an actual qualification. Can anyone help me on basic starting resources?

    I use a brand of books called Teach Yourself, and they sell a Complete Mandarin Chinese Book/CD pack. You can preview it from that page. I haven't used it myself, but in September I plan on enrolling on a part time Mandarin class on an evening and I'll probably be using it then. I think Teach Yourself are good as a way of introducing someone to the basics of the language, but it depends on how you learn. Some people learn best by reading through grammar books and learning all the verb and tense endings, whereas others prefer to learn it in context. I would probably say Teach Yourself does both. For £20 I am not sure you have too much to lose.

    i have started a google site for learning gcse mandarin however its still not got any data on it so if you can wait it will be up in a week to 2 weeks

    Check out my thread for Mandarin learners. I've listed a few resources on it:
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Updated: April 13, 2012
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