I can't sleep, awful nightmares. :(

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    I was sitting at a desk, studying in a small square room, 2x2 meters roughly. The room had general stuff, partularly a mirror sitting above the desk. I fell asleep, it felt like a day had passed between the study time beginning and me falling asleep. When I finally woke it was relatively dark outside the window. I looked into the mirror and I saw a wardrobe directly opposite. Now, the frightning thing is... the wardrobe wasn't there before. Before I got up to investigate I glanced down at the notes that I had been making and realized that they weren't my doing; it was written in a strange language which I did not understand, a series of forign symbols. I sat down again, confused. After about a minute of wondering, I raised my head to take a look at my mirror... This Man was standing inside with both wardrobe doors open. He stared at me continuously with a frozen look, I couldn't move or utter a word. It was as if his presence stopped me from acting. The thing is, it felt like he was trying to tell me something, something that would help other people around me.

    I don't know what to do? When I am in the dream, This Man doesn't frighten me at all, rather it makes me feel at peace. But for some odd reason I am still frightened that I may confront him...

    This Man:
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Updated: April 10, 2012
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