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    Okay ive planned a revision timetable for now till the 10th of may.

    This gives me 31 days split into morning, afternoon evening.

    I have 9 exams:
    -Physics 1
    -Physics 2
    -History GB
    -History Muss
    -Biology 1
    -Biology 2

    This is a total off 78 chapters.

    Average of 3 chapters a day.

    Has anyone got a way i should go round doing this?

    Need some serious advice and motivation just looking at the quantity i feel worn out.

    Break it down by day.
    Give yourself a treat each day if you finish each bit.
    Give yourself a bonus if you get ahead of yourself.
    Focus on the technical stuff first (once it's in your head it's easier to remember the "rules" - i.e. Physics first)
    Use sites like and to help with complex questions
    Share timetable with a close friend and get them to monitor you (and vice versa)

    You cant get round doing, you just have to get on. There is a program called Phase 6 which is really good for learning facts, you input them and it tests you at various intervals to get it into your long term memory. This might be good for History Make a serious plan, on each day make sure you have at least one subject you find difficult and at least one subject you find easy, start with the one you find easy to get you motivated to continue doing the hard subject
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    I have also asked my friend to change my facebook password!

    Stroke of genius (;

    Love the facebook password change

    A Physics teacher once told me a (slightly obvious) genius bit of revision help: only revise what you NEED to.

    It's really tempting to just go over every chapter, including the stuff you know because it gives you a confidence boost when you do know something. It's really just a waste of time.

    Quickly go over the chapters and pick out what you really don't understand, what needs the most attention, and work up from there.

    Also I agree, you need lots of breaks. Work for 30 mins to an hour, take a half hour break - just sit in front of the TV, go on the student room , anything but be strict about getting back to work.

    Good luck

    get off the student room and work mayn.
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Updated: April 10, 2012
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