no pain but asymmetrical tonsils!!

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    hi guys, as the title suggests i was wondering whether this was something to be concerned about.

    my left tonsil is a bit bigger and lumpier (and a bit redder? it's hard to tell...) than my right tonsil and i didn't know whether this was something to go to the doctor's for. i haven't had any pain or bother with that that tonsil, my glands aren't up and i looked up the symptoms for tonsil cancer and i don't have any of them other than said asymmetry.

    i know that self-diagnosis is not a good thing, but i was wondering whether i should do anything about it? i dislike going to my doctor as it is, but i am scared of the big c obviously.

    Have you had tonsillitis or glandular fever in the past? Could be a remnant of that. Either way sounds like you're over worrying something which very likely means nothing at all, or the start of tonsillitis of some kind.

    So - if you are truly worried, or if a sore throat or fever develops, go ask your GP, won't do any harm.

    mine are always different sizes. They also have indentations? on them from where the white spots were when I had tonsillitis in nov. Don't worry about it! Unless it causes you a problem, just ignore it!
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    thanks for the advice guys! yeah i had pretty bad tonsillitis in october as it happens and i used to have regular throat infections and stuff like that as a kid. i think i'm going to leave it for now but go to the docs if anything changes, much appreciated!
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Updated: April 11, 2012
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