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Need help with a situation

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    Hello, here is the situation. I am currently studying an Access to Sports Studies course and have accepted a conditional offer to attend UCB to study Sports Management. But after long consideration i have realised that my passion is advertising. I have found an alternative course at a different Uni that is Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, a perfect course for me!

    I want to know as i have already accepted an offer to a different uni for a different course how would i go about changing this at this time?

    Also, as my access course is sports studies would they see the progression onto a advertising course as wierd?

    I have the ability to do this course as i have owned my own advertising websites when i was a teen and also did a year on a BTEC graphic design course before working for HSBC. ( This was all prior to randomly deciding to do an access to sports studies).

    Any advice would be great.

    How long ago did you accept the offer? Because if it was within a week ago, you can contact UCAS and cancel it
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    Early January

    As you've chosen your firm you're unlikely to be eligible for Extra. The only option would be to wait until Clearing.
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Updated: April 11, 2012
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