Ejaculation Problems

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    Please keep anon.

    Hi I basically have hematospermia which reoccurs, which is blood in the semen I have had severeal exams and stuff and it's probably just to do with inflammation or something, it's not really cureable it might just go away on it's own one day.... But my semen is a rusty brown colour sometimes and I am in a new relationship and am scared about sex in case my partner gets freaked out about it.... Do I tell them outright or after our first sexual encounter? I don't want to put them off Doctors have told me it's just comprable to having a nose bleed so it really isn't that much of a problem.


    If the docs are abs sure there is no underlying problem ( are they ? ) then why not just use thick ( ? dark coloured ? ) condoms so she doesn't have to even see the semen ?

    Tell them before it happens, but after it's decided that something sexual is going to. Not all ejaculations happen in condoms... and this is something that shouldn't come as surprise to her.

    Actually, thinking about it, even a nosebleed would need proper investigation if it was persistent.

    How long has this blood in semen thing been going on ?

    I would ask the GP for a referral to a consultant urologist. And pronto.

    You need help.

    If you haven't been diagnosed, and only going on what you've read on Google, then get it checked out. When you say 'Doctors' do you mean your GP has looked at it, referred you to a specialist and then they have said there is nothing to worry about?

    If so, then just tell your partner about your medical condition. If your partner cannot get to grips with this then that person isn't worth it tbh.
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Updated: November 24, 2013
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