voluntary work and full time work

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    Hi there,
    Was wondering if you guys could give me some advice.
    I am struggling to fit voluntary xp into my life right now as I already work full time in a pathology lab at NHS hospital and at the same time am studying a distance learning course to get a BSc. Basically I hardly have time to even go out let alone show experience of working voluntarily.

    I wonder since I work in a hospital already if my criteria would be different , the only patient contact I have is when I work in phlebotomy as part of my training programme.

    Getting voluntary work isn't the problem for me fitting it in is. I have even considered taking maybe a week annual leave to do some work in that area bit surely even a week isn't enough. Some applicants here have like a year of voluntary experience.

    How would you approach the situation? Any advice appreciated


    I'm not too sure about your schedule
    But you can possible ask the hospital you work at to let you do some voluntary work for an hour every now and again so that you can get to know your patients a bit more.

    ++A week is better than nothing :P

    Hi. Voluntary work doesn't generally take up that much time (I only did 2-3 hours a week). As nataliekwong said, why not see if you can do something like an hour or two here and there?

    Your situation sounds different from the standard medical applicants - are you applying as a graduate? Is this part-time BSc your primary degree or have you already got one?

    If you think that your paid work has given you enough contact with people and experience of what medicine is like (not just what working in hospital is like) then you don't necessarily need voluntary work as well.
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    thanks for the replies. This will be my primary degree in applied biosciences so yes I will be applying as a graduate for the 4 year courses. I have asked for some placements in wards on evenings after I finish my shift to add a bit to my xp- it's just so concerning to me because the wording on most university websites is "evidence of care" which I am not sure I have. I guess just need to spend a few weekends in a care home or on a ward itself helping out, perhaps that will help. Most of my current work involves tissue dissection and processing- so not much patient contact. I do get to see patients for phlebotomy training but thats about it- surely thats not really enough "evidence of care"?
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Updated: April 15, 2012
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