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    Ok so I've always wanted to join the RAF since I was younger but I always put if off the past couple of years because of a girlfriend. I split up with her about a year ago and ever since then I've been looking into careers in the RAF. After alot of research I decided to apply for the logistics supplier trade, I did this because it seems a very diverse job but now that I've past all my tests (apart from the 3 day pre-recruit training course down at halton) I have began to get cold feet! I've honestly been having doubts about going in and I'm not really sure wy, I think maybe I'm just scared of such a big change in my life and whether or not I will like it, Just after abit of advice from anyone with personal experience who has felt like this before they went in or anyone and what they would advise me doing? thanks guys.

    (Original post by crazynoble)
    These sort of fears are quite common, it is a big decision and it will mean big changes. However, it's far from irreversible. There are ways out during training, and there are ways out after training if you discover it really isn't for you. Go and do the PRTC session at Halton and then have a think about it afterwards. Chances are that will make your mind up one way or the other.

    It's obviously a massive change in anybody's way of life so getting cold feet isn't exactly unfathomable.

    Like tpd said, just carry on down that course and you'll get your answer soon enough. I personally would recommend a career in the military to anyone but there's only one way to find out for sure. How would you feel in a few years time if you never gave it a chance?

    You will regret not giving it a go at least, you will.
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