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    So I had naturally blonde hair that was gradually getting darker so I lightened it constantly eventually to a sort of bleach blonde for I'm guessing just under 4 years. About 4 months ago I decided I wanted a change and to go brunette. I assumed it was nearer what my natural colour is (don't generally let my roots regrow that much before re-dying and my eyebrows are vaguely dark though not as dark as I thought) also I had started doing a lot of swimming and the blonde wasn't mixing well with chlorine..

    Anyway it went a pretty bad brown on the first attempt but I have finally got it looking fine (if slightly ginger tinged). I have realised though that it's not for me as it's just to dark/redish for my eyebrows and when the roots grow through it looks ridiculous.

    I want to dye it darker and nicer than the blonde it was before e.g. golden honey blonde like Annalynne Mccord or Blake Lively but I can't really afford to get it done professionally. It might be worth it though as at home stripping and re-dyeing it could go very wrong and it won't have any highlights/lowlights. Is it worth the money or can something not to hair damaging and cheap looking be done at home?

    Opinions/advice/any recommended products would be great

    I went from brunette to blonde last summer and stripping was the best thing, i recommend it. DON'T bleach your hair as my friend did and her hair is greeny/blonde and falling out every day.
    Obviously, all this dying damages your hair so I bought those hair mask things (from Boots or Superdrug) and leave them in for as long as possible, even a whole day if you're not doing anything
    Professional colouring is probably the best option, but i can't afford that either so strip, dye and condition
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Updated: April 15, 2012
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