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    I may have asked this before, I can't quite remember so bear with me

    I've been on 50mg of Sertraline (aka Zoloft/Lustral) since Friday 30th March. As I wasn't noticing any effect whatsoever, on Friday 13th April my dosage was upped to 100mg. The thing is, I'm still not noticing any effect. This is for depression and anxiety, but the anxiety in particular has spiked, and the depression is no better.

    So basically my three questions are:

    1) Should I make an appointment to see the doctor asap (which would probably be next week) to ask, or should I wait and see if there are improvements?

    2) If I do ask for a change, would you recommend upping the dosage to 150mg/200mg, or trying a different AD altogether? I know it depends on the doctor's opinion, but what have your experiences been?

    3) I still have a few of the 50mg pills, so I could take a 150mg every day, even though officially I'm only on 100mg. Would this be okay/advisable, or should I do nothing until further medical advice.

    Sorry that's a bit long, but thanks for any advice.

    You've been on the increased dose for 4 days, you won't feel anything within 4 days. It takes 6-8weeks to get beneficial effects from anti-depressants, and that includes when you up the dose. I think if you saw your doctor he'd tell you the same thing, you just need to be patient.

    I'd just wait for about 4 weeks before doing anything and don't change your medication without the doctor telling you too.

    Give the medication a chance to work.

    Also don't increase the does without your doctors say so. It's dangerous.
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Updated: April 18, 2012
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