Learning two foreign languages simultaneously in a YEAR

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    Hi guys! I was only wondering if it could be possible for me to learn GCSE Russian and Spanish in a year to be able to achieve A*'s in both of them at the end? How long would I have to spend on each of them every day?

    It should be easy to learn two languages simultaneously, for the last two years, I've been doing French and German (although, I choose to do German as a GCSE, not French) and never got mixed up. The important thing is not to revise too much, do it moderation, 20 mins every couple of days is better than one hour on the weekend. Also, what helps is writing notes with words and phrases on them, an whenever you've got spare time, look at them and test yourself, by saying what they mean, or responding as if you're in a conversation.


    During my GCSEs, I did both French and Spanish (of which, I got A* and an A respectively though, to be fair, I did not put as much work into my Spanish), as well as a breakthrough award in Japanese at the same time. So it is possible!

    Just concentrate on practising and learning everything for the speaking, revising vocabulary related to the different topics, and perhaps get some listening exercises in, if you can. Watching the films in English subtitles will very much help also. And like the person above stated, revise the language for about 30 mins every few days. When learning for my French, I did about an hour a week of revision, plus homework, until it got to exam period when I did more.

    I hope that's been useful.

    For GCSE I did French German and Spanish - I studied each for 3 years in total but only actually did about 2 hours a week work for each of them plus maybe half an hour homework. When it came to the exams I barely revised and did quite. I have learnt a couple of other languages in and amongst and also did French and German A Level.

    So I would agree that it is more than possible. For French it is very straight forward - you learn topic specific vocabulary and the main tenses, providing you use them well in the exam you should be fine. I agree with watching french films or the french channels on sky. Also try and read basic french articles or books if you can get hold of any. You will notice that some words are similar and there are patterns that will follow. I also agree to do a little bit every day - if you have even five minutes spare in the evening or whenever just have a quick look at vocab or whatnot.

    I don't know what Russian is like, because I've heard it's fairly difficult - but I'm sure that would reflect in the exam. I know somebody who is studying it alongside French at Uni without any previous experience and they seem to be coping.

    Go for it and start learning now!

    (Original post by Memphis93)
    Hi guys! I was only wondering if it could be possible for me to learn GCSE Russian and Spanish in a year to be able to achieve A*'s in both of them at the end? How long would I have to spend on each of them every day?
    It is possible but you will be half as good with both than you would be if you chose to study one.
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Updated: April 21, 2012
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