Gap years - good or bad?

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    I never managed to have a gap year abroad but spent most of mine working trying to get some good experience before uni, but kind of regret that decision now!

    Do you think it's a good idea to go travelling before uni or spend it working? What experiences do you have?

    I think travelling before Uni teaches you more than you could ever learn working. Not necessarily academic things, but it'll teach you a lot about the world and independence which will be pretty useful. This is all just speculation of though since I've not left for my gap year yet! I say do it.

    Gap years are good if they are productive. Travelling and 'working' don't have to be separate. You could always do a little volunteer work as you travel which would look good on your CV and be interesting. Either way travelling is a general great life experience. Enjoy your freedom while you have it and develop your levels of independence.

    I went travelling quite a bit when I was younger (by myself) so I didn't want to travel in my gap year - i've already done the 'finding myself' thing. I didn't plan to have a gap year but now i have, it was a good decision.

    i've made much more informed decisions about unis and i've got some great experience which will help me get a job when I've finished uni! I'm also really looking forward to working hard at uni, whereas last year I was fed up with school and would have just messed about in my first year.

    Maybe I'm not normal, but I'd be crapping myself if I was going to go travelling around the world alone. Do people generally go alone? I'd just have no clue what I was doing, and I'd be so nervous. I can imagine it'd be a really great experience though - good in developing loads of life skills! Where do people get the money for it though?!
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Updated: April 19, 2012
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