Does Uni actually make me more employable?

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    Hey guys do you think that a degree has been useful in finding a job? Everyone always says that you go to school, get a degree and that gets you a good job? I am not sure if that's true anymore there must be another way?

    Well i can't become a building surveyor without being qualified to do it, so yes, it has enhanced my job opportunities.

    (Original post by UNIRUGBYONLYWAY)
    Hey guys do you think that a degree has been useful in finding a job? Everyone always says that you go to school, get a degree and that gets you a good job? I am not sure if that's true anymore there must be another way?
    Depends on what you want to do. A degree in Engineering makes you a lot more employable, a degree in Art History not so much.

    (Original post by freefrag)
    Depends on what you want to do. A degree in Engineering makes you a lot more employable, a degree in Art History not so much.
    Basically This. Depends on career you wish to pursue. If you want to be a doctor, you have to do medicine at a university.

    If you wish to be in a trade e.g. electrician, plumber etc of course not. You'd be better off learning those skills.

    If you wish to create stuff/build cars etc and work for a firm like Rolls Royce- you don't have to go uni, but an engineering degree would be wicked!

    While it's not true that it's as easy as it once was to get a good job with a degree, you can jump to a "higher level" of job with a degree that you might not get with just A-levels or GCSE. I think given how many people are working now due to mothers working, immigrants and more people working later into life, it is probably just as hard to work your way up the system, especially when so many uni students can "jump in" higher up the tier.

    Still, a degree isn't as good as actual job experience, but it doesn't hinder you. And you don't need to follow a career that directly matches your degree though you can get degrees tailored to particular job markets. For example you can study history and go onto work in a job that only loosely links to history. But having a degree says something about you, its a level of achievement that is still prized and appreciated.

    It depends on what sort of job you want to do but I think because degrees are so commonplace now, it is quite good to have one if you can, not because it'll set you above the crowd particularly, but it won't set you below. I think it is still harder to get into certain fields without a degree.

    Anyway, I haven't left uni yet so I can't give any own experience but I would remind you that going to university is about more than simply getting another step higher on the job ladder or whatever. It's about education and the "student experience" which does include more than just drinking yourself silly and spending all your maintenance loan on alcohol. You can do a lot of things as a student with the freedoms you'll get, that you'd probably be denied if you dive straight into employment after leaving school. However, there are benefits to not going to uni as well. But as a uni student who absolutely loves everything about uni- I'd say don't discount it just because the media is always saying you don't need a degree. It's like the people that come from council houses and fail all their GCSEs and go onto run multi-million pound businesses. They exist and this can be done, but it is harder and these people are few and far between. This is why the average person will go to uni if they want to jump to that level of job- because there isn't an easy way around it.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Yes it does, most of the better jobs go to graduates despite what anybody says. When you hear people telling you that you don't need to go to uni, its a waste of money etc, its a fair bet that they themselves either have been or are intending to go to uni.

    However uni won't make you employable on its own you have to use it properly, ie work hard and get a good grade, and be organised enough to do your careers groundwork building competencies, getting relevant experience etc.

    Basically if you get to your third year and are still bunking off lectures and doing all your revision in a coffee and Red Bull all nighter before the exam, and have done no relevant work experience/internship or really gained any credible competencies then you are going to find the job market difficult.


    It looks likely that it will soon become against the law to require a degree in job adverts.

    Were I recruiting for most jobs, I would prefer practical experience to a degree.
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