What happens if you fail modules?

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    Got the results of one of my exams back today, I failed... along with 33 other people in the class which is a bit of a joke to be honest, but my complaints about how badly run the module is are for another time and place.

    Anyway, I know there's a resit in the summer but really, I don't think I can make it. I've gotten a once in a lifetime opportunity in the summer to work alongside a famous researcher abroad doing an animal behavioural study, the work of which will be put into a journal and have myname classed as one of the co-authors.

    Obviously it's a chance I can not afford to pass up but, it lasts until the end of September, after the resit date.

    Anybody know what would happen if I just missed the resit? Would I fail the whole year or would I be able to just resit that one module next year? Because really, I've got pretty good results on everything else. It's just this one module that has been awful (not just for me, honestly, Mr Bean could run this module better...)

    Kinda hoping I can ust resit that module next year so I don't miss this opportunity abroad

    I think the best thing for you is to go to talk to whoever is in charge of your module/ head of your year. Nobody on TSR is going to be able to give you the correct answer.
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    I've sent both the module leader and programme leader an email. Won't hear anything back at this time though so I'm gonna spend the whole night worrying

    Just kinda hoping that someone here has had a similar experience of failing/not making the resit date and has some advice/can tell me what happened with them.

    I mean surely it's happened and it's not like I'm just wagging it. I've actually got a pretty darn good excuse for not being able to make it if I say so myself. I mean seriously, working on this project and being a co-author on the journal is a big deal and could seriously help my future employment so I hope y'all can see why I don't want to lose out on it

    Well obviously, but showing them my reply to you isn't going to affect their decision; they will have a standard procedure specific to the uni and department so it's up to them to decide. Sorry but you'll just have to wait it out.
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Updated: April 19, 2012
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