Studying at a Spanish University?

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I'm really interested in studying in Spain next year to do either Spanish Language or something tourism related. Thinking Madrid at the moment.

I currently have a B2 in Spanish Proficiency, but I don't have any qualifications in Spanish. I self taught over the past couple of years.

So here are my questions:

How do you get accepted into a Spanish University? What are the requirements?

I know that I pay the same tuition fees as Spanish citizens because of the EU, but are loans available if you get accepted? I know that I would get a loan if I studied in the UK. How is it different to Spain?
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A-levels are accepted, but they aren't enough for the more competitive courses. Spanish (filología hispánica) and Tourism are low- and medium- demand courses and the entry requirements tend to be low. The Ministerio de Educación will convert your A-levels into the Spanish equivalent. You then apply to public universities on paper through the common application system, where you only have to list universities and courses in order of preference (up to 10 choices). Notas de corte (standard offers) change every year depending on demand after common applications have been processed. If you don't have your A-levels certificate you will need to submit a grade forecast certificate from your exam board.

Some loans or grants may be available but most people don't have them because they don't know they exist or they're not eligible. This is for tuition only (last year it was around €1,000 per year, might go up to €1,500 next year). There is no such thing as a maintenance loan in Spain, or a students' union or on-campus accommodation. Halls of residence (colegios mayores) do exist but they are very expensive (minimum €1,000 a month) and they're not on-campus (except for the Complutense and the Politécnica). Also, they're more like a boarding school than a uni hall (curfews and stuff), so most people live at home with their parents. Exchange students usually share flats with other internationals.
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I would like to apply to complutense university in madrid or another spainish university to study psychology in english, but i am really struggling with finding the information about it (applying etc) in english as most of the information is in spanish. The course itself is taught in english. I would be really thankful if someone could give me some guidance about this or if anyone who has studied psychology in english in spain can help, Thanks
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Hi Olivia, Im interested in the same course as you and I am struggling with the process. I am from Ireland and also want to apply to the Complutense. Have you any info you could give me?
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