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I cannot think of a good GCSE Maths Statistics topic question. I did a draft and it wasn't very good so I wanted to change the question, and I can't think of anything. I need 2 variables, and I was thinking 'The bigger the advertisement in a newspaper is, the more it cost, and does this mean only larger companies can afford to have big advertisements?' However this seems a lot of work to do. Please give me your suggestions!
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im doing my statistics cw aswell!! i hate it! The thing i am comparing is the lenght of angles and size of angles. im doing high GCSE and have to do 3 hypothisis nd the are
1)Lines are easier to estimate than angles
2)boys yr9 set 1 are better at estimating than girls in yr10 set 3
3)Girls are better at estimating lines than boys
if you want you can use that it easy. all you need to do is draw some graphs nd stuff! hope ive helpd
well i betta get bck 2 doin my cw
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