Can you guys proof read this letter for me?

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I think the letter is well written and I like the informal style of language.

Have you had any luck explaining this to The London Institute?
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Well they that enough....if I don't get any action I'm watchdogging them totally
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student currently applying to various universities. Until now, I have generally received adequate service from the Royal Mail. However, during a recent telephone call to the London Institute, it transpired that a letter of theirs failed to reach me.

Unfortunately, this letter contained details of when and where to attend an interview integral to attending this, my first choice university. This severely affected my chances of beginning the course I had intended to.

Since August, it appears that this is not the only post related problem my family has encountered. We have had several birthday cards disappear, a packet marked "FRAGILE" arrive crumpled and covered in grease, and an important tax return for a client of my mother's fail to arrive, resulting in a substantial fine.

I am certainly able to provide proof of posting for the aforementioned letters and packages, as proof that the were danaged or lost whilst in transit.

With regard to my letter from the London Institute, I would appreciate it if I could receive an apology explaining where an exceptionally important letter addressed to me was lost. I am now faced with potentially having to attend my second choice university sue to a letter lost in the post, and would therefore be very happy if someone within your organisation could contact the London Institute and explain that it was not my fault that their letter was not received.

I hope you will treat this matter with the obvious gravity it deserves. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details enclosed.


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