Equine Vet Nurse Qualifications

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    Im going to graduate this time next year with a BSc Equine Science degree. I want to know the next step to become an Equine Vet Nurse, ive seen a lot of vet nurse qualifications but these include small animals and i have no interest in those.

    What qualifications do i need?

    Im would really like to go to RVC, but have no idea what to apply for.

    any suggestions??


    Would be a good place to start. I think you'll probably have to be proficient in a range of animals and their basic care, just as vets have to be. The good news is many vet nurse qualifications can be done at a veterinary pratice while also being enroled at a college.

    The focus is very definitely on small animal stuff as that is where most vet nurses end up working - they are very few equine specific vet nurse jobs, yes there are some, but not many.

    I am pretty sure there are no equine specific vet nurse degrees, just some which may have a small amount of equine stuff in them.

    A vet practice I have done placement at had a nurse with a similar problem - she was working in a mixed practice and prefers the farm animal side of things. But she ended up doing a small animal vet nurse course whilst she was at the practice, so she is now qualified and going to look for courses she can do now to get more qualified in farm stuff.

    I have heard on the grapevine that the RVC vet nurse course (we have two, a 4year BSc and a 3yr foundation degree) includes a small amount of optional equine stuff now, but you may want to confirm that with RVC.

    Tbh, I think you will struggle to find an equine vet nurse degree, and you may be better finding an equine practice willing to take you on as a student vet nurse and seeing if you can find a course to do whilst working (but I don't know if they even exist, but more likely that a degree).

    Bear in mind as well the difficulties with doing a second degree, you won't get much help from student finance. So consider the amount of debt a second degree will get you into compared to a vet nurse salary.

    I think UWE Hartpury is the only University that actually does the degree in Equine Veterinary Nursing, though it is only foundation. You can currently not get a Bsc Honours in it.
    Everywhere else you have to do just Vet Nursing which is mainly small animal.

    I agree with Kookabura, you must take finance into account also. You may be able to take the NVQ route in Vet nursing, it would be a lot cheaper. The RVC does the VN course in foundation and Bsc Honours and I think its equine is compulsory in 2013 maybe? Not sure though.

    Remember that completing a foundation course alone does make you a qualified VN, the Bsc Honours just goes in depth more.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!!

    hi you can either become an equine by doing a degree, hartpury are the only uni to offer a equine nursing focused where you would take the correct exams to get the equine nursing qualification. the other option is to train in practice, which may be cheaper since you will already have a degree here is a link to a list of training you could enquire about training to become an equine veterinary nurse : http://awardingbody.rcvs.org.uk/docu...quine-tp-list/
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Updated: April 28, 2012
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