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    I am thinking to put UCL as my firm, but there are a lot of queries about it~

    Is there anyone who is currently studying Maths and stat at UCL?
    How do you find the course?- is it boring or exciting?
    Is the teaching and support good- apparently there is much lesser support in year 2 and 3?
    Do people usually go into placement between their year 2 and 3?
    I am sure people who go to UCL and study math there, all get their grades and are bright students, but do you find the course is hard? and what happens if you fail your exam?
    In your point of view, which courses are taught better in the maths department ?

    I really like UCL when I went there, but I really want to know more about it before making my choice. Sorry for asking so many question, but any answer to them ll be very helpful~Thanks a lot.

    I got an offer for statistics at UCL, but now want to switch to Maths with Econ. How difficult is it to switch as i know they are different departments?

    I do straight maths 2nd year but I know people who do maths and stats, pretty much same modules in first year, 2nd and 3rd year is pretty much all stats so I don't know. Support is there if you need it but people tend to not get help. Classes are really big not like scho

    school so your involvement is very little but its like that at most uni's. you only really go to lectures to copy notes then go home and do your homeworks. then comes april and everyone starts revising for exams. that's it in a nutshell. The support is there if you need it but most people wont bother and yes there is less support because you don't have weekly tutorials or meetings with mentors.

    I find the course quite hard because i'm only good at arithmetic thats why maths at school was so easy for me, only people who are actually really interested in abstract maths will like maths at university. seriously if you are like me than choose another subject because maths at uni is totally different and very abstract!

    you can fail most is 2 modules otherwise you have to retake year, unless you get 30-40% then you have referral.

    which courses are taught better? it depends on your lecture but most maths lecturers are boring tbh and some have really bad handwriting.

    Like the guy who posted above me, I'm a straight maths student but I know people doing maths and stats. In my personal opinion, I think your enjoyment of a maths course at any uni will come down to how much you enjoy maths itself - no lecturer is going to make you really love a topic if you just don't find the material interesting. That said, although I can't speak for the stats modules, most of the modules and lecturers are pretty good.

    At least in the first year, the support is really good. We have 2 one-hour tutorial sessions where we can get help with homework (some tutors I've heard refuse to help you with the stuff that counts towards your degree) and in the first term we had a second-year mentor who will help you with homework. Help is definitely there if you need it or want it. I never actually looked at my homework quickly enough to have any questions to ask by the time I had my tutorials and was always half asleep during them, so I really wasted all the resources we had this year which I'm sure I'll regret next year. No tutorials after year 1 but there's still lecturer's office hours, problem classes which are usually pointless but you have the opportunity to ask for help there, and people are always going up to lecturers after the lecture to ask questions.

    Haven't heard of anyone doing a work placement in the middle of their degree, a few people can go study abroad if they're on an MSci course but it's very competitive.

    I'd say I'm about average in my year and I find the course quite hard. It's doable and you can do very well if you put the work in, though. You can fail at most one or two modules and still progress to the next year, and you can retake a module that you failed the followng summer. If you narrowly fail a module, you can take the exact same paper in September but they cap your mark. The specifics are on the UCL Maths Dept website.

    I can only speak for the courses in the first year, but Analysis is taught particularly well imo. Mathematical Methods is terrible, but there are good online notes.

    Hope that was somewhat helpful, ask if you have more questions
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