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    I've applied in these unis for digital media and every one of them has their pros and cons. I'm completely torn between bournemouth and sussex as they seem the best choices, but i've also been thinking about edinburgh napier and leeds. I have offers from all of them. Please I need any kind of input,opinion,information about the unis and courses as I'm an international student and can't go to open days.

    So here are my thoughts:

    Sussex- Computing for Digital Media
    - more technical course- that's the main turn off for me because I wanted more design and practical stuff
    - great area-Brighton and London near
    - big uni- lots of people- I like that
    - more reputable
    - uni campus-everything is in one place

    Bournemouth- Digital Media Design
    - lots of practical projects- that's great, because I'll have a bigger portfolio of work=better chances for job later
    - in a very small town, seems to me lots of old people live there- biggest turn off
    - The Media school- good
    - campus is spread around town- not good
    - seems as people who go there are not very interested in studying rather than partying
    - accommodation looks bad

    Leeds- New Media
    - campus is good
    - course more concentrated on media studies- not good
    - people seem to love Leeds generally

    Edinburgh Napier- Digital Media
    only reason I would choose this uni would be because it's free for EU students( as opposed to 9000 pounds in England) and because it's in Edinburgh- lovely city

    So there, I really have no idea which one would be better, I guess they all have their pros and cons but I'm really scared of making a wrong choice. Please help, I would really appreciate it
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Updated: April 28, 2012
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