Olympic Tickets - Back on sale today

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    The last of the football went on sale today.

    Really happy, got myself and family to see Brazil vs Belarus and New Zealand vs Egypt for £20 each at Old Trafford.

    Just thought I would share to let the people who are still looking for tickets know that they can still buy them.

    Finally got them after months of trying and missing sessions.

    I tried to get tickets on the 1st of August to Team Gb v uruaguay and mexico v swiss. I apparently clicked on the womens football, something like cameroon v albania on the 28th of july. I spent 60 pounds on something i clearly didnt want. I defintly didnt click on womens football. Any ideas on what i can do?. It says on the website to use the resale page, but will anyone want to buy these tickets from me? Do the olympics buy back the tickets at face value? It was gutting when i realised what i had actually paid for!!.

    I applied for my tickets over a year ago choosing two tickets for Wembley on the 29th as it was pretty much two games for the price of one, had no clue who would actually be playing there and then luckily enough the schedule came out this month and showed gb are playing there then :lol:

    Do you have to apply?

    Or can you pick whichever match you want?

    Just go on website and click on the tickets. You dont need to apply

    Got mine this morning. UAE vs Uruguay and GB vs Senegal at Old Trafford for £20. Not bad, that. Could be two pretty good games, too.

    Got my football final tickets last year

    Don't even care who's playing if I'm honest, just looking really forward to it all
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Updated: May 1, 2012
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