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    I'm a third year Psychology student at Lincoln and I have loads of books to sell if anyone is interested. It's a good idea to buy books second-hand, as I had to buy a few from shops and the internet and found them to be really expensive, however they're also really essential if you want to do well!

    I know it's quite early to start buying books, but I thought I'd start advertising now in case anyone interested will visit Lincoln while i'm still here (I have three weeks left!). If not I will happily send them by post.

    Altogether I have 10 books, plus 4 books which I will throw in for free as they are old books that the library recently gave away.

    Message back if interested

    what books are they and how much are you thinking of selling them for?

    Just remember guys that some of the modules will require the new edition. Eg. In the development module, Dr Fenja Ziegler has a new edition coming out for this year, which has a new chapter in it. So if you buy the old one then you'll miss out on one section. And in the Mind and Brain module the exams are based on the most recent edition of textbook.
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    Hey, the books I have are:
    -Research methods and statistics in psychology (5th edition)
    -Cognitive psychology (6th edition)
    -Cognitive neuroscience (3rd edition)
    -Social psychology (4th edition)
    -Biopsychology (5th edition)
    -Understanding children's development (4th edition)
    -Atypical child development in context
    -Reconstructing childhood
    -Critical psychology (2nd edition)
    -What is this thing called science?

    I found these all to be really helpful and i've used them all across the 3 years of the course, and about half of them at least are really essential. Speaking as a student who's done the course and has used a couple of old editions of books, it doesn't really matter that much and I feel like I've got good grades thanks to these books! Most of these are fairly new anyway as I bought them during my time here.

    For all of these I would be looking for about £100 (excluding delivery) which is about half of what I payed for them all.

    Let me know if interested

    i have pretty much all of them as just going into the third year myself.. but for the reconstruction of childhood, critical psychology and what is this thing called science?.. you reckon you could do £25?
    et me know

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    Hey, thanks for the interest!

    Yeah £25 is fine. I'll be back in Lincoln on the 4th September for my graduation so I can either give them to you then. If not then I can post them to you, however i'll have to charge you extra for the price of delivery too.

    Let me know how that sounds.
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Updated: June 13, 2012
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