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    I an an international student and plan to take a 1-year full time Msc course in Coastal/Maritime Engineering in the coming Sep/Oct. I need to make a choice among the following Universities soon as there is no much time left before the term starts:

    1. University of Southampton - MSc Engineering in the Coastal Environment
    2. University of Liverpool - Sustainable Civil Engineering (Maritime)
    3. University of Plymouth - Msc Coastal Engineering

    How do you compare them in terms of workload, course focus, environment and life of these three program/cities?

    You advice is much appreciated!

    Many many thanks.

    Hey, how did you decide?
    I am also an international student and want to study International Logistics in either Liverpool (LJMU though) or Plymouth....

    I cant make up my mind...

    Did you guys already receive offers from Plymouth? It's the only one I haven't heard from since I applied.

    Jep. I recieved a conditional offer from Plymouth.
    For which course did you apply?
    Did you apply to other universities?

    I am not sure if I should choose Plymouth or LJMU. Any suggestions?

    When did you submit an application to Plymouth?
    I applied for MSc in Port Management almost a month ago. They even don't reply to my e-mail though a confirmation of such was sent to me.
    I've made it to 7 unis in UK (Newcastle, City London, Cardiff, Plymouth, Greenwich and Oxford Brookes)
    and one in Germany. As of now it seems like I have to consider Cardiff and Newcastle since they have better feedbacks, greater facilities and of course an offer for me. Cardiff Uni provides what I 100 pct want though. Just waiting news from Germany.

    I'm not sure about LJMU and Plymouth but I'd rather stick to latter. But it really depends on what you gonna study there, its fees, accommodation and what not...Well maybe just make a list of pros and cons and then you'll see

    Do you think the ranking of the university matters in the end?
    I think Plymouth is higher ranked than LJMU, but it is also more expensive and the outline of the programme is quite similar.

    I think I posted the application to Plymouth in the beginning of April or end of March. I recieved the offer about two weeks ago (also by post), which was quite quick.

    I am from Germany, so it could be that it travels faster to Germany than to Russia?! When did you send it?

    And where did you apply to in Germany?

    Congrats to your offers!!

    It's not all about the ranking but I believe it still matters. Otherwise why would they make them? I think that if your future employer does care about your degree he will first start from googling your uni and checking its position among others. That is why Plymouth is more expensive. Nice brandname and cover secure good sale. At least 50 pct of it

    I sent docs by e-mail on Apr 10 and they told me to wait for a reply soon. If they normally send it by post only it is clear why I still haven't got it. You know if you want to loose something send it by our post So there was no offer by e-mail I understand?

    I applied to Munchen Technische Uni but they will assess applications in June. Until then they only receive documents. Have you heard somthing about it? Is it a good one?

    Oh München! That is my hometown!! It is lovely there! And the TU is meant to be quite good. My father went there to study informatics. Ages ago tho

    For which course did you apply to?

    I think I will still choose LJMU, because it is too much money for Plymouth. I mean, fair enough about the ranking, but it is me who should be convincing. My CV is impressive enough lol (ok that sounds rubbish..). But thank you for your advise. If you dont mind me asking, how do you come up with the fees?

    I applied for MSc in Transportation Systems partly cause it's state funded and I have to pay just some little money. At the same time it has so much to thoroughly think about: 2 years of full-time study plus German to learn (i know just some basics eg meine name ist Blablabla, ich mochte tee trinken und shweinebraten essen so again it's gonna be complicated to feel nice where limited number of dudes can communicate with you. Moreover two years to fund my living with no income seems a pretty questionable idea.

    As to Plymouth and LJMU I appreciate your thinking anyway it's you who has to choose Try to compare accommodation costs as well as they can be way different.

    Well, why didn't you consider Germany to study? There are so many programs available and costs are not that high.
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